10 amazing facts about the human body

The human body is a very complex system of more than 50 billion cells, because of what it still remains a true enigma for numerous doctors and researchers, despite the research that lasts for the past thousands of years.

So today we present you 10 amazing facts about the human body.


The heart is a powerful mechanism

During one day, the human heart beats about 100,000 times and through it passes more than 7500 liters of blood.


Circulatory system is huge

Another remarkable fact about the human body relates to these 7500 liters of blood. Apparently, this amount of blood passes daily through our blood system which consists of arteries, veins and capillaries. The human blood system could be wrapped around the globe even two and a half times.

amazing facts about human body

The kidneys are the body’s “horse power”

Our kidneys filter 120-150 gallons of blood each day and produce up to 2 gallons of urine.


We produce a lot of saliva

An interesting fact about our mouth refers to salivation, because within our mouth there are many of the salivary glands that moisturize the mouth, stimulate digestion and protect our teeth. Although we are often not aware of it, we’re swallowing the saliva over a few hundred times a day, and at the same time produce more than one liter of saliva a day.


We all smell differently

We all have a unique smell of skin, so we should not be surprised that our odor is as unique as our fingerprints. This, however, is not the case in identical twins, whose skin scents are identical.


We are as hairy as chimpanzees

An interesting fact is that, even though it looks like we have a lot less hair, our body contains the same number of hair as the bodies of chimpanzees.


We have machines for odors

The human brain can recognize more than 10,000 different scents on the surface that is half the size of a coin.


The human body contains impressive numbers

The human body contains approximately 7 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 atoms.



Our tong

Although the fact that the tong is the strongest muscle in the body is a myth, he continues to be a work of art. The tong consists of eight separate muscles which, unlike other muscles, do not support the a bone and to a human it is significant as an elephant’s trunk or octopus hooves.

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