These Are The 10 Fattest Nations In The World. Number 2 Will Surprise You!

We all know that obesity is a major problem today, but did you know that nearly a third of the world’s population are chubby?

Last 30 years the number of obese people in the world has increased incredibly, jumping from 857 million as it was in 1980 to more than two billion in 2013. That figure has the tendency to rise to one third of the human population.

Moreover, in the world there are almost two and a half times more overweight than underweight and more people die because they eat too much, than because they eat too little.

Only in 2010 between three and four million people have died from the effects of obesity or problems caused by obesity.

While the US still leads as the fattest nation, some countries are comming dangerously closer (Egypt even exceeds them in percentage).

Unless drastic measures are not taken, the more and more “sitting” jobs and the availability of high-calorie, fatty, fast foods and drinks, the epidemic of obesity could be a serious threat to health in the coming decades. “Global Burden of Disease” published the results of a study (funded by the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates), which reveals which 10 nations are the fattest. Some might surprise you.


  1. United States: 78 million people, 33 percent of adults


  1. China: 46 million people, 4.4 percent of adults


  1. India: 30 million people, 3.8 percent of adults


  1. Russia: 28 million people, 24.1 percent of adults


  1. Brazil: 22 million people, 16.2 percent of adults


  1. Mexico: 20 million people, 26.9 percent of adults


  1. Egypt: 18 million people, 35.9 percent of adults


  1. Germany: 16 million people, 24.3 percent of adults


  1. Pakistan: 14 million people, 13.6 percent of adults


  1. Indonesia: 11 million people, 6.8 percent of adults.

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