10 Ways To Use Aluminum Foil You Didn’t Know

Every woman has an aluminum foil in a drawer in the kitchen. It is a part of every kitchen, because it can be used in many ways. We bring you some of the best.


  • Soften brown sugar so that you wrap it in aluminum foil. Put it in the oven for five minutes at 150 degrees. The sugar will return to its original state and you can use it for coffee or for your favorite cakes.
  • To keep you bread, pastry or strudel fresh until the arrival of your guests, after baking them, wrap them in aluminum foil.
  • Give back the glow of your favorite silverware: cover the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil, pour some water and add two tablespoons of salt. Put the silverware into this mixture and wait three minutes. Wait for it to dry and give it a shine with a cotton cloth.
  • Make a “ball” from aluminum foil and scrub  pots, pans and the grill with it.
  • Clean your jewelry by covering the bottom of a pot with aluminum foil and adding laundry detergent. After that just wash it and leave it to dry off. Your jewelry will be like new.
  • Make ironing easier by covering the board with aluminum foil. Then put a cloth over the foil. This way you iron both sides at the same time save valuable time.
  • Clean your iron by going over an aluminum foil with it a few times.
  • Fold the foil a few times and cut it with scissors. This will sharpen the scissors nicely.
  • To protect plants from insects, insert pieces of aluminum foil among them.

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