13 Reasons To Drink Kefir: Strengthens The Bones, Cleans The Live, Protects From Cancer…

Many cultures around the world consume fermented food because of their health and solving simple digestive problems. Kefir, a drink similar to yogurt originating from Europe, is one of the most powerful and nutritive, traditional, fermented food.

We present you 13 reasons why you should drink kefir:

  1. Probiotic 

It is known that naturally in our organism there are bacteria which are important for our health. However, we live in modern time when antibiotics are prescribed without any reason and this leads to decreasing the number of healthy bacteria in our organism.

This is why we need probiotics. Probiotics regulate the intestinal flora, acting both on mental and physical health. Kefir as fermented food is one of the best probiotics because it is natural source of healthy bacteria.


  1. Great source of nutrient 

Kefir not only that is good probiotic but also it contains 6 g of protein, 20% of the daily recommended dose of calcium and great amounts of phosphor, vitamins B2, B12 and magnesium.

  1. Protects from cancer

Studies have shown that probiotics have inhibiting effect on the growth of tumor and that it protects from cancer. Till now it is proven that it decreases the number of cells related to colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia. Although it is not still clear in which way the probiotics work against cancer it is considered that they strengthen the immune system and in that way decrease the development of carcinogenic compounds

  1. It is great for the bones

Osteoporosis or degeneration of weak bones is a huge problem of modern age. However, kefir is super food which may prevent this condition. As it was mentioned before, kefir is rich in calcium and it represents one of the most important nutrition for keeping the bones healthy. Kefir also contains and vitamin K2 which is from key importance for absorption of calcium in the organism.

  1. Helps with allergies 

Allergies happen when the organism has inflammatory reaction on foreign substance which is usually harmless. Although some allergies are caused by genetic components, researchers also estimate that increased usage of antibiotics and disinfection products decrease the organism resistance.

In order to reestablish resistance it is needed to renew the good bacteria which protect us and this is why probiotics are used for and this is why kefir is great for fighting allergies.

  1. Detoxification 

Kefir helps in detoxification is such way it ties with mutagenic agents which may change our DNA. An example for this is aflatoxin, toxin from fungi which attacks cereals. The lactic acid from kefir kills aflatoxins and many other toxins origination from fungi.

The ability of kefir to help digestion is also very beneficial in the process of detoxification.

  1. It is great for digestion

Bad digestion usually disturbs the balance in the intestinal flora and kefir renews the digestive tract and good bacteria, improving digestion.

Studies has shown that probiotics help with diarrhea, syndrome of irritated intestines (IBS) and Crohn’s disease.

  1. Kefir is real food

Remember that it is better to consume the right food instead of pills and supplements. You can take probiotics in the form of pills but it is always recommended to import them through nutrition such as for example kefir. Probiotic pills don’t contain proteins, calcium and vitamin B.

  1. It is better than yogurt

If you think that you shouldn’t drink kefir because you already drink yogurt than you lie to yourself. Although yogurt is probably the most popular form of probiotics, kefir is much stronger. Kefir contains 30 types of bacteria while yogurt usually contains only 10.

  1. Prevents damages and side effects from antibiotics 

Antibiotics not only that attack bad bacteria but they attack all of the bacteria. The best is to avoid using antibiotics when it is possible but sometimes there is bacteria which we can’t fight it without them.  Than we should take probiotics in order our body to renew good bacteria in our body

Studies have shown that people who consume probiotics in the same time with antibiotics faster reestablish balance in the intestinal flora and are less exposed to side effects of antibiotic such as diarrhea.

  1. It may help with lactose intolerance 

Although maybe it seems wrong it is good to drink more kefir if you are lactose intolerant because the studies showed that kefir facilitates lactose toleration. The reason for this is because kefir contains bacteria which effectively metabolize lactose.

  1. You may consume it in many ways

Kefir may be made in many ways. There is regular milk kefir, water kefir and also tasty nutritive coconut milk kefir which is very alkaline. Avoid kefir from supermarkets because it contains lots of sugar.

You may consume it pure or with honey or as addition to shakes.

  1. You can make it at home

You will need:

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 tbsp active kefir grains
  • 1 glass jar
  • 1 strainer

Process of preparation:

  1. Put milk in clean glass jar and then add kefir grains.
  2. Seal the jar.
  3. Leave it on room temperature, on dark spot for 12 – 48 hours.
  4. It is ready when it becomes a bit thicker and it has sour taste. Then drain the content of the jar and keep the grains on the strainer. When it is ready you may consume it right away or leave it in the fridge.
  5. The used grains you may put it in fresh milk and repeat the whole process.

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