13 Uses Of Cucumber You Didn’t Know!

Cucumbers are widely used because they are a very tasty and practical vegetable. They are great for salads and provide many nutritive ingredients. You can also grow them in our own garden very easy. They will do wonders for your health and you will feel a lot better.


1. Cucumber with its peel contain potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K as well as manganese and phosphorus, magnesium, pantothenic acid and vitamin A. It has a low level of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.

2. Cucumbers are a substitute for caffeine, so whenever you feel tired, you can provide enough carbohydrates and vitamin B just with consuming cucumber.

3. In order to prevent the mirror from blurring, rub cucumber on it before taking a bath.

4. You can get rid of some pests from your garden with the help of cucumber. Put slices of cucumber in an aluminum can. Aluminum and cucumber will work together and the pests will go away.

5. You may decrease cellulite on your body with rubbing cucumber on the affected area. Thanks to collagen cucumber will strengthen your skin. This also may be useful against wrinkles.

6. If you suffer from headache and hangover, cucumber may help you. That is very simple if you just eat a cucumber before going to bed. Cucumbers are full with electrolytes, vitamin B and sugar which is from great help in keeping balance in the organism.

7. If you feel hungry and it is not meal time than you can eat cucumber because it is low in calories.

8. You may even use it for shoe polishing. Rub it on your shoes and they will be shinier than ever.

9. Cucumber may be uses as lubricant. Cut the cucumber and rub it on the area you want to lubricate it.

10. It may decrease the level of stress. Cut one cucumber and add it to boiling water. The steam it will have great effect thanks to minerals in the cucumber.

11. In order to get rid of bad breath you should put on slice on your tongue and press it toward the palate. The substances will eliminate the bad smell.

12. You may use it as cleaning product. Just rub the surface of stainless steels, sinks and taps. It will shine like new.

13. Also it may remove marks from pens, crayons and markers. Just wipe the surface with the outer part of the cucumber.

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