2-Ingredient Mixture to EFFECTIVELY Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

We all know that one of the most important and overlooked aspects of everyday hygiene is ear cleanliness. This is very important because people don’t actually notice the buildup of earwax until it’s too late. As we all know, the medical experts have revealed that the Q-tips are not meant to be used as ear cleaners. Well, this means that we must find another natural solution to clean the wax out of our ear drums.

We all know that there are many different over-the-counter alternatives and solutions to clean your ears, which can be purchased in pharmacies. But, you should know that they are not that efficient and beneficial like this homemade mixture. It’s your lucky day, because in this article we are going to show you how to make the best and most effective mixture, which will provide much better results.


As we said, this homemade mixture against ear wax is all-natural and it’s made by two extremely powerful and healthy ingredients – white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol has been proven to eliminate almost 85% of aerobic bacterial contamination when it comes in contact with. Well, this makes rubbing alcohol the perfect cleaning and disinfecting tool. And, when it comes to white vinegar, we can easily say that it’s powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial compound, which fights infections very effectively. This means that when these two extremely powerful ingredients are combined, they make the most powerful combo which can fights ear infections, dries the ear, breaks down earwax and doesn’t cause any type of pain or discomfort when it’s poured into the ear. Make sure you use this homemade remedy in cases of mild to moderate ear infection or wax buildup. But, if you experience more serious earaches or problems, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Earwax and Ear Infections Home Remedy Recipe


  • White vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol


This earwax remedy is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. Here’s what you need to do – you need to mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1-part white vinegar. After that, you need to take 1 teaspoon of this mixture and pour it into one ear by tilting your head to the opposite side. You must stay in that position for couple of minutes. Now, when you are done with that, you should allow the mixture to run out of the ear by sitting in upright position. Now, you can do the same procedure for the other ear as well. You must repeat this procedure at least 2 times every day to clear out the trapped water, earwax and treat and ear infection.

Remember, because this is very important – if you don’t see any improvements in 3 days, or if you experience terrible earaches or problems, then you should consult your doctor immediately. And if you have perforated your eardrum, then you should take pain relief. And we also hope that this remedy will help you get rid of your earache or ear infection in very short time. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.