These 2 Natural Medicines Make The Stomach Pain Disappear Immediately

These simple but very effective recipes come from the collection of Muhammad Hamrajev, president of the Academy of Traditional Medicine. They are 2 of the most effective remedies for stomach ache because they have been known to stop the pain within 5 minutes. Check them out.

stomach pain natural

Recipe No. 1

Drink Pumpkin Juice:

To a half a liter of pumpkin juice add 2 tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of citric or tartaric acid.

The pain ceases immediately from this juice.

Recipe No. 2

Grind corn and peas 6:4  (6 parts corn and 4 parts peas).

Pour boiling water over the mixture and drink it.

This is a proven and popular natural remedy for gastritis.

If your stomach hurts, this drink will immediately stop the pain.

Let us know which one helped you and make sure you share these recipes with your friends if you liked them.

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