20 Signs Of Cancer Ignored By Women

We can easily say that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases today. Once cancer spreads, it can be difficult to treat. According to the experts, 60 to 70% of cancers are all preventable through currently available information and simple changes in diet and lifestyle. So, knowing early symptoms can help you seek early treatment to better your chances of remission. Well, this means that you shouldn’t ignore these warning signs and if you notice any of them, you should see your doctor immediately.


  • Wheeze/short breaths – lung cancer.
  • Cough and chest pains – well, it looks like cough or bronchitis, but it’s much more. And, the chest pain can go from the chest to the shoulder and down the arm. This can be a sign of lung cancer or leukemia.
  • Fevers and infection – leukemia, because the blood cells are affected in the marrow itself. Leukemia makes the marrow create sick blood cells that take all your immunity.
  • Hard swallowing – don’t ignore this sign, because it might be throat (esophageal cancer) or lung cancer.
  • Swelling in lymph nodes or neck/armpit/groin – it means that the lymph system could be with cancer.
  • More bruising/bleeding than usual – leukemia (it overpasses the red blood cells and steals the oxygen flow).
  • Weakness/fatigue – you need to “connect” this warning sign with another symptoms or just see a doctor.
  • Bloating and belly weight – ovarian cancer.
  • Satiety and less appetite – ovarian cancer. Women eat less and don’t need to eat more.
  • Pelvic pain and abdomen pain – this is also a common sign of ovarian cancer.


  • Blood in stool/rectum – this is a common sign of colorectal cancer.
  • Strange weight loss – colon cancer or digestion tract cancer.
  • Upset belly – painful cramps are a common sign of colorectal cancer.
  • Red, swollen and sore breasts – we all know that this is a common sign of breast cancer.
  • Nipple change – your nipples might get inverted, flat or sideways. This is a sign of breast cancer.
  • Heavy and aching periods or abnormal in between periods – you should get an ultra sound check, because this is a common sign of uterus cancer.
  • Swollen face – some patients of lung cancer said they have puffy and swollen faces or red faces. The small lung tumors block the blood flow inside the chest and to the face.
  • Sore skin change or crusty sore – basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Check your body and your nails.
  • Nail changes – nail changes might be lung cancer or skin cancer with spots or streaks brown and black, under the nail. Pale and whitish nails are liver cancer.
  • Lower back and right side pain – you should be very careful, because this might be a liver cancer.

Source: Organic Health Universe