20 Things A Truly Good Partner Will Never Do

To really be a good partner means possessing certain characteristics. Such a partner doesn’t and won’t do the following things:

They will not belittle your dreams

They won’t remind you constantly of your failures

They don’t feel the need to criticize you in public

20 things a good partner will never do

They will not control your world

They won’t seek revenge

They won’t interfere with your space

They will not feel indifferent to your feelings

They won’t take a superior position

They will not disappoint you

They will not make you feel unsafe

They don’t feel the need to disapprove of what you do

They won’t expose every bit of your relationship to the outside world

They will not treat you as if you are disposable

They don’t think they’re perfect

They will always believe you

They won’t degrade by joking at your expense

They will not blame you for their problems

They won’t get offended when you tease them

They will not make you feel like you’re not good enough

They will not force you to prove your love.