3 Drinks That Will Help You Brighten Up, Lose Weight And Make You Shine!

You are always in a hurry and always have the same excuse: “I don’t have time to do something good for myself”.  We live fast, eat fast and unfortunately we get old too fast. As the years go by we realize what we are missing and that you can’t turn time back.

During the day you know that you need energy which you will get fast and easy and regenerate it. This is why your best solution is a drink which will refresh you instantly.

You already know that it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and then have breakfast after half an hour. For this you don’t need time or money and it will do well to your organism.

These are 3 drinks recommended by the nutritionists which will refresh you, make you more beautiful and help you stay fit.

3 drinks

Hot lemonade

Hot lemonade or one lemon drained in a glass with warm water with or without honey is great for eliminating toxins and better digestion. The lemon acid speeds up the process of fat dissolution.

In the same time the combination of vitamin C and selenium slow down the process of ageing and vitamin B protects your health and the nerve system.\

Yogurt with linseed, sesame and sunflower

People which have problems with constipation, before breakfast should drink a glass of yogurt where previously was added 1 tbsp of linseed, 1 tbsp of sesame and 1 tbsp of sunflower.

Mix it all together and leave it for half an hour and then drink it. It is recommended the ingredients to be finely grained before adding them in the yogurt. Constipation will be regulated in several days.

Green tea

This drink not only that is good for detoxification of the organism but as well works well for the hair and nails. Drink one cup in the morning, before breakfast. Green tea in the same time is great antioxidant.

These drinks may be consumed in another time period because they are not strong nor harmful but it is enough to consume them once a day and the best time for that is in the morning before breakfast.

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