3 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Wet Hair

Falling asleep with wet hair wrapped in a towel is not harmless.

Although experts have proven that the myths that sleeping with wet hair will cause pneumonia or a cold are false, this habit does have other consequences on your health.

1. It will cause headaches.Unlike in non-REM sleep, the body temperature rises in REM sleep. Your head that is wrapped in a towel will get warm and the rise in temperature and the humidity can cause a headache.

2. Causes fungus.It is no secret that pillows are a ‘home’ for dust mites and bacteria because they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and oils from the body. Wet hair will dampen the towel, and it will transfer the wetness to the pillowcase and the pillow and then, in combination with heat, pillows become fertile ground for the growth of fungi.

We don’t usually have the time to put the pillowcase and pillow out in the fresh air in the morning, especially in winter, and that contributes to the development of bacteria.

3. Hair breakage.During the night we sleep on our hair, which is bad for it because it causes it to break easily, especially when wet.

Advice:You should be careful only if you sleep with your hair wrapped in a towel. Wearing it during the day is harmless.