8 Problems Only Short Girls Will Understand

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a short person then you are going to understand this post all too well. If you are not short at least you will get a good laugh from this one. Who would have thought that short people had this many issues?


  1. First off, everyone reminds you that you’re short.

You’re so short! Yes, people say that, for literally no reason at all, as though you can’t just look in the mirror and identify your own height


  1. People call you cute (all the time).

And the truly awful crowd calls you “fun-size.” Just because you’re 5-feet-2-inches doesn’t mean you’re 8 years old again, glossy-eyed over the mere sight of candy.


  1. Not being taken seriously

This follows off point number two. Well, this means that when you’re trying to have an argument, and get your point across, it’s very hard to be taken seriously. And usually people throw in the ‘You’re so cute when you’re angry!’ remark because they realize they’re wrong and I’m right. Or something.


  1. Tall people treat you like a kid.

They tell you that you’re cute and pat you on the head like a kindergarten student.


  1. Concerts are basically a waste of money.

Unfortunately, you pay the $50 to see your favorite performer, then spend the entirety of the set jumping up and down, hoping to catch a glimpse, or bobbing and weaving around the enormous dudes who always end up in front of you. Or, you need to go 2 hours earlier to get in the first row.


  1. You have to walk twice as fast as your tall friends.

Whenever they walk “briskly,” you have to break into a full sprint. You could probably run a marathon with all the hours you’ve put in.


  1. You practically have to levitate to reach high shelves.

Shorties, even on your tiptoes, you can’t get there without some assistance. (Or, if you’re at home, straight up climbing on the counter.)


  1. Clothing and shopping

Sometimes being short can help with shopping dilemmas. But shopping for basically everything else is a major pain in the butt. From jeans that need the hem taken up EVERY TIME, to skirts and dresses that would look super cool and fashionable on anyone else, but make you look like you’re being shipped off to Amish land. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.