8 Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy You Collect From Other People!

A person who is too emphatic sympathizes with other people more than the average bounders. Not only that it is ready to listen to others, understand them and offer them support but often it can’t protect from other’s negative emotions and energy. This is why sympathizing as much as it is good may show its evil face.

It is important to keep your energy

The ability for empathy helps us to understand better other people and to “read” and feel their energy easier.  That ability helps us to feel life from other perspective except ours. However, this ability may be harmful so it is important to know how not to be subject to others emotions and energy.

Most of the people like to be accompanied with emphatic people because they feel seen, recognized and accepted, they feel that everything is as it should be, that they are as good as they are. However, if the boundaries from normal sympathizing are crossed than this characteristic may be source of great difficulties. Other people’s troubles may entirely block us and often we are not in a position to react and make better the situation which upset us. So it is important to set a boundary between us and other people and recognize when healthy understanding and accepting other’s feelings becomes our problem.


If you feel that you are too much emphatic person it should be good to take some steps in order not to be distracted with other things which are not related to you. It is important to keep your energy for yourself and the people you love and not to let in any information, emotions and energy which will harm you and take your strength. Try to do that through the following steps:

Explain it to yourself

When your mood suddenly changes and when you feel emotions such as fear, pain, sadness, anger, ask yourself who with you interacted last, which information you got from your environment, did you take part in some bad event. If yes than explain to yourself that that emotion is not yours and that you took it from outside. If you are able to change some situation or help somebody or advise them than do that, but if you can’t do that then focus on yourself and tell yourself that you can’t help. Release yourself from negative feelings in such way that you will explain to yourself that you can’t help no one with the fact that you feel bad and that you harm yourself. If you keep living others feelings than you get tired instead of investing your energy in something constructive.

Take a deep look inside

Ask yourself what is that what makes you feel bad just because someone else feels bad? Have you ever experienced something similar? Are there some feelings for someone that you try to hide? Do you have some wrong beliefs for yourself or the world which cause certain emotions? Try to deal with your problems and solve them. Take a deep look in yourself and try to heal old wounds. Accept all your hidden emotions, take them with tender, and let them be as they are, express them and then relax. Important part of this process it to forgive yourself and other people i.e. all the others which cause negative emotions.

Spend some time alone

When you are alone with yourself than you have time to question, cry out or to get rid of negative emotions in some other way.

Imagine a shield around you

When you are in contact with the person which doesn’t suits you or you find yourself in a middle which is full with bad energy, visualize a white, see through shield around you which doesn’t let negative energy and other’s bad emotions touch you.

Use the power of water

After being in contact with person which is very negative it will be good for you if you wash that negative energy from you. If you are not able to take a shower than at least wash you face and hands. Imagine how the bad energy falls from you.

Express your emotions

Whatever you feel it is important to express it. Hiding your emotions haven’t brought anything good to no one and in fact it caused many diseases. Let yourself express worry, fear, anger, disagreement or anything else that you feel.

Stay on the ground

Imagine that there is a tube which connects you with the ground and through which you send all negative energy to the ground and then you take positive energy from the ground. This exercise increases the level of healthy energy in your body.

Go in nature

Nothing is more healing than nature, it is very suitable for emphatic people and they enjoy most near water. Try to be in touch with soil, water, fresh air. Sometimes let the wind take all the negative energy which pilled in you.

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