A Pregnancy Test Saved This Boy’s Life: Here Is How!

Brian Geldard from unknown reasons did a pregnancy test and after a positive result it was discovered that he has testicular cancer.
We’re not sure what led to the boy to pee on the stick for determining the pregnancy, but fortunately he did, because when the test showed that he was pregnant, he was shocked while searching for answers. Unfortunately, the answer that he is constantly appearing on the Internet, the boy didn’t want to admit it in the beginning. All indicators were saying he had testicular cancer.



Brian Geldard from England began to feel pain and then visited a local doctor, but was always been convinced that it’s just a pain in the muscles from too much exercise. But the pain didn’t end…
After the tests, it was discovered that the boy had testicular cancer, or it was in the initial stage so that the operation went without complications, one of the first commentaries on social networks for this story is:
– If this is all true, tested for testicular cancer. Seriously. Search the internet if necessary.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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