How to ACCELERATE Toxin Removal by Stimulating Your Liver with These Commonly Ignored Herbs

Yes, in this article we’re going to show you how to speed up the toxin removal process, by stimulating your liver! And you can use these commonly ignore herbs! Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this!

During the entire day, we eat, inhale, and drink all sorts of health-boosting nutrients. But, unfortunately, at the same time, we take in waste and toxins. And, to get rid of these toxins, our body relies on all sorts of organs like the lungs and kidneys. But few are as important as the detox powerhouse – the liver. Yes, the liver is extremely important and it’s one of the core detox organs! You should also know that the liver detoxifies your blood of toxins, drugs, and alcohol. Aside from that, it stores vitamins and minerals and converts stored sugar into usable energy. And to boot, it produces bile that helps digest fats, breaks down hemoglobin, insulin, and other hormones, and destroy old red blood cells. You can bet it does a lot for your health!

And, you probably already know that our livers can be overworked. But, you shouldn’t be worried, because there are many herbs and spices that help you detox. The most effective of these are bitter herbs. Bitter herbs stimulate the liver to work even better! The most well-known herbs that support the liver are milk thistle and dandelion root. There are plenty of articles about the effects of milk thistle and dandelion! But, here comes the million-dollar question – have you heard of these herbs and their effects?

  1. Blessed thistle

First, I would like to say a few words about the blessed thistle? You should know that blessed thistle is a bitter herb originally used in Ayurvedic medicine. It was given the name “blessed thistle” as it was thought to be a cure-all. When it comes to digestive problems and liver support, blessed thistle has few rivals. This powerful and super healthy herb is often made into a tea where it serves as an expectorant and, in large doses, an emetic. What’s an expectorant – it’s something which helps clear the chest of mucus, perfect for when you’ve got a cough and cold. As an emetic, it would cause vomiting which would be a last resort when supporting your liver. In lower doses, it stimulates your stomach acids and supports digestion.

  1. Burdock

Burdock – have you ever heard about this plant? Well, just like blessed thistle, burdock is a bitter herb. While the whole plant is used, more popular is the root which can be prepared in food, mixed with alcohol for a potent tincture, or made into tea. You should also know that this powerful herb is used primarily to purify the blood and detoxify the liver. Burdock functions as a diuretic to encourage urination. By using burdock, you’re able to remove waste from the blood and relieve the stress put on your liver. Burdock’s detoxification powers don’t end there! People used this powerful herb for centuries! And, in Native American tradition, burdock has been used to treat all sorts of skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. This is due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and diaphoretic (sweat inducing) properties. Have you ever thought of growing your own burdock? Well, it definitely doesn’t take much effort, and it rewards you with one of the best ways to detox naturally!

  1. Red Clover

What’s red clover? Well, that’s easy to answer – red clover is a wild herb that grows native to northwest Africa, Europe, and Asia. Red clover has many similarities to burdock. Like burdock, it has blood purifying powers and stimulates sweating which expels toxins from our skin. This makes it effective when treating skin conditions. You can also use this powerful herb to make a salve and use it to relieve inflammation. When used for liver support, red clover is typically taken as a tea where it lends a slightly sweet taste. As a tea, red clover acts as an expectorant helping your body get rid of mucus. Who knew helping your liver could be so easy and sweet?

  1. Watercress

Many people around the world consume watercress every day! They usually add this super healthy herb in their favorite salads! You should also know that watercress is an excellent source of bone-strengthening vitamin K (over 300% of the daily recommended value!), skin maintaining vitamin A and protein. The experts also say that this powerful herb can help you with your body’s detoxing process! How this works – well, watercress is rich in phytochemicals called glucosinates. This compound enhances your liver’s detox abilities, possibly to an extraordinary degree! A recent study, conducted by group of researchers at the University of Illinois, has discovered that these glucosinates allows the liver to detoxify cancer-causing carcinogens. Similar to other detox herbs, watercress serves as a diuretic.

  1. Sheep Sorrel

Just like the other herbs on this list, this herb is bitter as well. Sheep sorrel supports the liver as a diuretic which flushes out toxins through the urine. You should also know that this powerful herb is one of the main ingredients in the cancer-fighting essiac tea and for good reason! It is nutrient-rich and purifies the blood of infections and other impurities.

As we mentioned before, each of these herbs are effective at removing toxins and waste from your body. When you give your body a natural cleanse, you give your always-working liver a much needed break! We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You and have a good on!