Amazing: All The Benefits of Coconut Oil For Pets And What Should Their Dosage Be!

Coconut oil is a healthy replacement for regular oil that has many uses and benefits. But, have you ever considered using in on your pets?

Feed your dogs and cats with organic coconut oil and trust me, it will lead to dramatic improvements in every aspect of their heath!

We typically use coconut oil as a moisturizing agent for our hair and skin, as a balm for burned or chapped skin, as well as wounds and cuts. It can be used in the same way for animals, and it makes a great repellant for fleas and ticks as well!

Coconut oil can improve the digestive system of your pets, improves thyroid function, and makes for a wonderfully shiny coat! You can help to get rid of yeast and fungal infections, treat arthritis, and maintain your animal’s metabolism and weight.


For Dogs:

For large/medium sized dogs start with one teaspoon, increase to 2 full tablespoons over a course of 1-2 weeks. Add it to their food, they will love it, do not worry!

For Small/toy dogs and puppies start with ½ tsp and increase to 1 full tablespoon over the curse of 2 weeks as well.

For Cats:

Adults: ½ teaspoon to start, increase to 2-3 teaspoons over the course of 2 weeks. Add it to their food and serve.

Kittens: 1/4 tsp to start, increas to 1 tsp over the course of 1 week


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