The Amazing Healing Power Of A Cats Purr

Through history, cats have developed an interesting relationship with humans, from being worshiped as sacred animals with internal wisdom to becoming man’s best friend. There are hundreds of millions cats in the world and only in the US there are 80 million cats registered.

Cats are a popular domestic animal due to its independency that it possesses, seeking nothing but some food and a shelter. They pride themselves with their autonomous, picking when they’ll want to play and when not.

What recent studies have discovered is that cats posses a unique healing power. Apparently, our furry friends have a specific frequency and vibration when they perform their cat’s purr (measured 20-140 Hz) and those vibrations have some remarkable healing properties for the human body. Reducing stress, assisting with breathing problems, preventing heart attacks, are just some of many.


Perhaps we can all learn something from our domesticated cats, whether it be lessons about stillness, or lessons about presence. We can all attest to observing our animals from time to time; it is clear to see the completeness of their serenity in every moment. Animals have so little, yet are so much more gratified than the average person. Their heightened senses allow them to be completely in tune with the natural world around them, hearing, smelling, breathing; similar to the sacred lessons we learn in yoga. It is possible that mankind’s greatest downfall was our departure from nature, and perhaps our furry little friends can help teach us about reconnecting with that source once again.

Source: CollectiveEvolution

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