An Amazing Old Herbalist’s Recipe For Treating Many Diseases!

We bring you a recipe from the old herbal medicine book, for which is known that can cure every disease.

The recipe, in fact is based on blueberry and juniper berries drowned in wine and brandy, but in fact it is a type of wine from blueberries.

The medicine is mainly used for problems with poor circulation, headache and dizziness, as well as in other similar problems with the head, such us forgetfulness and poor memory.

You can try this medicine if you have problems with a weak heart. For this purpose, a similar blueberry beverage is mentioned in the records found in London dating back to 1696.

hearbalists recipe

You should try this wine as a solution for problems in all acute and chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines and against digestive disorders and inflammation of the colon. This wine effectively regulates intestinal flora and destroys and regulates the propagation of harmful bacteria and worms. The juice helps with lack of appetite and weakness caused by an illness, surgery or immune system decline.

This is a key for good circulation and digestion, and to balance all the body’s systems, including the brain and the heart; that’s why this wine is popularly called cure against every disease.


*1/2 kilo of fresh blueberries

* ½ kilo of juniper berries

* 1 kilo of domestic red wine

* ½ kilo of strong domestic brandy

* 3 tablespoons of domestic honey

* 3 tablespoons of sugar.


Wash the blueberries and the juniper and place them in a large jar. Pour the wine to cover the berries. Let it stand in a refrigerator for 48 hours. After that, add half a liter of brandy, honey and sugar to the mixture. Stir well all the ingredients to dissolve sugar and honey. Let it stay for 7 days.

After that it is ready for use. Use four tablespoons of this wine in the morning and evenings. In each dose, let there be a few blueberries that you will chew well before swallowing.

This wine is used for three days in the morning and in the evening followed by pauses for two days. Use until you spend the entire dose.

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