Are Essential Oils the New Antibiotics?

There have been some studies and research on a topic that is even too scary to think about. Namely, the overuse of antibiotics might make them completely useless in the future. Besides being overly consumed by people, antibiotics are also used in the huge beef, poultry, and porcine businesses. If we become immune to antibiotics, there’s a chance that we won’t be able to treat infections, and minor infections will become life-threatening because there will be no clear treatments for them.

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How Antibiotic Overuse Affects Us

Let’s have a look at what’s within our control: the use of antibiotics. Many people turn to antibiotics as the ultimate solution for any infection or illness that they might have. Instead of waiting for a mildly upset stomach to treat itself, people turn to antibiotics. And this is a mistake.

Using antibiotics to treat minor infections can lead to two serious consequences. The immune system will begin to feel the strain because antibiotics are not able to discriminate when it comes to eliminating bacteria. Besides eliminating the bad bacteria in your stomach, antibiotics also destroy the “good” bacteria that is allocated in your gut and that actually help in the development of your immune system and improve your body’s efficiency at removing toxic metals.

Therefore it is recommended to only use antibiotics when you need to treat a serious infection and your doctor prescribes them.

Unfortunately, even if we take care of ourselves and only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary, we can’t escape from the food industry that will additionally complicate our health.

How Big Business Is Making Bacteria Stronger

Today, the beef industry alone represents 70% of all antibiotic use in the United States.

And not only that, but they also feed the cattle with food poisoned with pesticide, and inject the cattle with growth hormones. This makes these companies one of the biggest dangers to our healthcare system.

The PR departments from these companies put out statements that say that these ethically questionable and dangerous practices are all done for our sake. But the truth is that all of this is done in the name of maximizing their profit at our expense.

What Can You Do?

First of all, you can begin purchasing certified organic and natural meat products. Then you can look for, and use, natural alternatives to antibiotics.

Of course, if your infection resists treatment, you should visit your doctor.

This is where essential oils come in.

Besides being used as scents and massage oils, essential oils can also be used as:

– A key ingredient in most natural cleaners.

– Alternative to highly toxic cosmetic products.

– Natural pest controls.

Why you should start using Essential Oils

According to a 2011 study, an essential oil combination of oregano, cinnamon, and chili peppers can make most poultry healthier and resistant to infections, when compared to poultry receiving the regular toxic batch.

Thyme oil is an excellent example of how effective essential oils can be against bacteria.

Essential oils should be a valuable part of every home’s natural first aid kit and might be able to offer long-term protection against infections without compromising our health care system.

You can also try making this amazing homemade antibiotic.


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