BEST FIRST AID: How To Stop A Bleeding in 10 Seconds!

Cayenne is a remedy that is about 9000 years old and is still used by Native Americans as medicine. It belongs to the same nightshade family as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.

Many studies have shown that  this plant has many health and medicinal benefits, some of them being prevention of heart attack and cold. Another thing that cayenne can be used for is to prevent bleeding. This is one more reason why Cayenne paper is a plant that everyone should have at home as part of emergency first aid. This is how it helps and what way to use it.

stop bleeding fast

How to use Cayenne for external wounds:

Apply a little hot powder directly to the bleeding cut and wait 10-15 seconds the bleeding to stop. Make sure you use this way only for small cuts and scrapes. If the wound is larger disperse a teaspoon of red powder in a glass of warm water and drink it.

Cayenne is a powerful styptic, so it makes a quick equalization to the blood pressure and the blood starts to coagulate. Another thing it does is it disinfects the cut, and there is no place for infections.

Dr. Schulze recommends red paper as a number one first aid. He recommends the use of Cayenne always when there is a problem with blood-blood loss or illness clots. Cayenne will help you a lot, it can even increase the immune system because it contains vitamins (A and C) , carotenoids and antioxidants.

Source: realfarmacy

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