The Best NATURAL Cough Medicine: Works Instantly, Takes Minutes To Prepare

The unpleasant cough is very common in this part of the year, but there is a drug that is hiding in your home. Learn how to prepare this delicious natural cough syrup, and restore your body’s energy.

This syrup is so tasty that you can take sip just for pleasure. Laurel gives it a special flavor and tone of sweetness and bitterness, lemon adds a specific acidity and sugar is the one who “drives” these ingredients and water helps it circulate through the body. Try.


You will need:

– 6 bay leaves

– 2.5 oz of water

Р6 tablespoons sugar (best to use  brown sugar)

– 1 lemon


Boil the water and add the bay leaf and cook it covered for 6-10 minutes.

Remove the bay leaves and pour it into a container in which you plan to prepare the syrup, then add the sugar and squeeze the whole lemon. Mix well and wait until all the sugar has melted. Take a teaspoon several times a day. The first day you can take a teaspoon every time intense coughing occurs.


The syrup can be refrigerated for several days. It can be taken cold and hot.

This syrup is very effective in combating dry cough.

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