Best Natural Remedies for Cold Feet and Poor Circulation

As the years pass by, our organism becomes more sensitive and a lot a health problems occur, including poor circulation. Weakened blood vessels and living a “lazy” lifestyle are the main cause that brings us to this condition.

First thing that most people notice in poor blood circulation are cold feet. This condition does not require immediate medical treatment, but it signals that some changes have to be made, especially about your lifestyle and your daily habits. It’s highly recommended for you to do some physical exercises, and add some natural remedies to your diet. Most of them are already on your kitchen shelves.


Water is the most important element that our health depends on. In fact, water is vital for every part of the body to function properly, including good circulation. So, if you don’t have enough water in your organism, your blood pressure will go to low and your circulation will slow down. Average amount of water every person should drink daily is between 1.5l and 2l.


This is very useful vegetable spice that you can use it in different ways: dry, ground, or fresh – it all depends on your taste. When you eat it, this vegetable spice will cause tingling on your tongue and it will make your cheeks go red. That’s because of increased blood flow in your capillaries.

But you should have in mind that chili peppers are not recommended if you suffer from dilated capillaries. Besides that, chili peppers increase your food appetite, so you should avoid them if you are on a diet.


You can find this product in all pharmacies across the world in form of capsules or pills. It’s a great way to stimulate the blood flow through the capillaries, especially the ones in your brain, which makes this supplement an excellent memory booster.


Wheat germs are usually available for buying at the healthy food stores. They are rich with Vitamin E, which strengthens the blood vessels. You can add these into your morning cereals or in other meals, like salads or sandwiches. You can also buy bread which has wheat germs in it.


Horse chestnut extract is known for its health benefits, especially the ones related to blood circulation problems. It contains aescin, an ingredient which reduces inflammations and strengthens the blood vessels.


White garlic is an excellent antibiotic, and it can be consumed in very different ways. It is extremely beneficial when it’s crushed and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. This mixture should be consumed daily. If you are worried about its smell, you should have in mind that its health benefits are way more important and more useful than its repellent smell.

If you eat more garlic, it will improve your blood vessel health. White garlic lowers the bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels, maintaining your blood density and prevents forming of blood clots.


Another essential element for proper circulation is Iron. Iron is very important for keeping the erythrocyte level optimal and to preventing exhaustion of the person and excessive heat loss.

Best sources of iron are fish, red meat and vegetables. As excessive iron intake can cause several health problems, so it’s best to see a doctor before taking any iron supplement.


Fish oil is extremely useful and efficient in cleansing your blood vessels from any kind of fat cells, so it promotes better blood flow. Besides that, fish oil increases the good cholesterol in your body.

You can consume it by eating fish (trout, salmon, sardine, and herring) at least once a week, or with drinking fish oil supplements.


You can use ginger as spice, grounded and you can add it to your tea, which will give the tea stronger effect. Ginger heats up your entire body by pushing the blood to capillaries on the surface of the skin.


These essential oils spread the capillaries so the blood will go to the skin surface capillaries way easier, which will heat up the entire body. First, you should read the instructions on the bottle so you know how to dilute the oil before using it to massage your skin.