The Cause Of Cancer: There Is Something More Important Than Genes And Food

The largest number of cancer cases is the results of bad luck, and not a consequence of genes, diet and unhealthy lifestyle, according to a research made by the “John Hopkins” University. Their research revealed a mutation in the DNA chain, which can damage cells and cause two-thirds of cancer in adults.

Cancer in the remaining third of cases occurs due to the influence of the environment or due to genetic factors, they revealed in the journal “Science”.

Scientists have stated that it is difficult to reduce the risk of cancer just by changing lifestyle, and that alcohol, smoking and the food we eat can contribute some “bad luck” to getting cancer.

cancer reasons

– All types of cancer are a combination of bad luck, the influence of the environment and genes. We have created a model that can determine the impact of these three factors. The study showed that smoking and other unhealthy habits can increase the risk of cancer. However, many forms of cancer are the result of bad luck, a gene mutation that occurs regardless of the genes and way of life. The best way to prevent this kind of cancer is early detection and operations- said Professor Bert Vogelstein from the “John Hopkins” university.

What is, according to this survey, more important than genetic causes and unhealthy habits, is the so-called separation of cells. It is associated with 65 percent of the cases of cancer. Scientists have known for decades that only certain tissues cause cancer. And this research has added even more sense to the previous theories and research. The key cause of cancer is the mutations that occur because of the “replacement” of chemical constituents in DNA during cell division. For now, these mutations are only connected with the factor of luck.

Professor Vogelstein added: People who do not get this horrible disease can thank their luck, and not good genes and smart habits.

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