What Causes Bad Breath – Surprising Facts?

Bad breath is associated with bad oral hygiene and is not the thing any person would like to have. But bad breath can also happen from consuming some ingredients that will not only give you a bad breath at the time consuming it, but will also make it last.

Find out which ones:



And it is not the “alcohol breath” you get right after drinking a bit more, but the effect alcohol has on your breath. When consuming it every day our mouth produces less saliva. And saliva has a lot of natural enzymes that work to wash off the “stinky” bacteria. So drinking constantly will worsen your breath.


Peppermint chewing gum  

Most people reach for a peppermint chewing gum in order to conceal the bad breath. But, there’s more damage than use in that. Most of the gums contain sugar, which is a food for bacteria and when combined they release sulfur that only makes things worse. If you sometimes need quick breath refreshment, make sure you use sugar-free chewing gums. And don’t forget thy only cover the bad breath at the time.



If you eat meat in moderate amounts you should not worry about bad breath. But, if you enter too much protein in your body, it could cause a problem. When your body gets too much protein, it instantly turns it into carbohydrates, and the byproduct to the process is ammoniac which can evaporate through your mouth and make your breath intolerable.


Dried fruit

Not only that it is loaded with sugar which is great for bacteria development, but they also have non dissolvable fiber that remains in our teeth and keep sugar there. So, if you really like that dried fruit, make sure you floss after eating it

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