Caution! These Six Items Cause Cancer And They Are Inside Your Home!

Get to know the dangers, remove them and give yourself and your loved ones a safe environment.

Our home is a refuge; at least we see it as such. But modern times brought a number of things dangerous to our health in to our homes.

Several things that every household has have been found to damage the long-term health, and even contribute to the development of cancer in the body.


  1. Air Freshener

Many of them contain carcinogenic ingredients. Research made on 13 air fresheners found that most of them contain toxic substances that worsen asthma symptoms and cause reproductive problems. Replace artificial fresheners with natural ones. For example essential oils.

  1. Candles

Even 40 percent of candles contain lead wires, especially the scented ones. Such candles can release up to five times more lead than what is considered to be dangerous, especially for children. Exposure to large amounts of lead can lead to hormonal disorders, problems with our behaviour, learning difficulties, and numerous other ailments.

  1. Accessories for drawing or writing

Paints, adhesives, waterproof markers and stuff like that contain toxins that are connected with allergies, organ damage, and even cancer.

  1. Shampoos and Shower Gels

They have more poison than it is generally known. The effects of these toxins is still under research and there is no direct link to the use of shampoo and cancer. However, many warn that it exists regardless of what science has not yet proved.

  1. Antiperspirants

Most of them contain carcinogenic substances, especially aluminum. Avoid it as much as you can because what goes on your skin also goes under the skin.

  1. Shower Curtain

They are made of plastic and contaminate the water, and thus the environment.

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