Caution: Thousands Of Girls Got Horrible Diseases Because Of HPV Vaccines

The agency for medicine and regulation of products for health maintenance stated that 8228 young girls were infected with various side effects after HPV injection.

However, it is estimated that this number is only 10% from the real number of teenage girls which are diseased from side effects of this vaccine.


This vaccination is a routine to 23 year old girls in Great Britain since 2008. This injection blocks sexually transmitted papilloma virus which is one of the main reason for cervical cancer.

Healthy girls said that they experienced severe pain in the chest and abdomen, fatigue, difficulties with breathing, tachycardia and fibromyalgia, which causes chronic pain in the whole organism.

In more than ¼ of the cases the effects were life threatening  and immediate medical intervention was needed.

Uneasiness about this vaccine appeared long time ago. Te Japanese ministry of health already warned girls not to take vaccine, while European countries again examine their usage.

Earlier they have been related to infertility and early menopause.

More than 8 million people in Britain got vaccines despite their relatedness with serious medical conditions.

Jackie Fletcher which is against this action said: “Healthy girls experienced attacks and fatigue and some of the lost the walking ability. Many years after still they haven’t fully recovered”.

In a recent article of the magazine Clinical rheumatology, Dr. Martinez- Lavin wrote that although that the injection against HPV is one of the most effective measures in the history of medicine, the amount of side effects compared with other routine vaccines is too big.

In fact, the total amount of diseases related to this vaccine exceeds the number of side effects from all routine vaccines together.

The Agency for medicine and regulation of products for health maintenance states that there is no “greater concern” related to this vaccine.

It is stated that this vaccine may save almost half of 1000 which die from cancer every day. This is second type of cancer which mostly affects women younger than 35 years.

The Agency that its relatedness with serious diseases is not proven while the National Health Service says that the vaccine program against HPV is very effective.


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