What Are Your Chances Of Getting Cancer? Solve This Expert’s TEST And See!

Are you afraid or do you just think that you might get cancer because of some of the habits you have. Try to answer a few questions that experts combined and find out.

It is well known that for certain types of cancer the genetic predisposition is responsible, and sometimes it is questionable whether the cells mutate or not. However, for most tumors there are certain external risks to which we can influence.

chances of cancer

Proper and healthy diet, exercise and similar ventures sometimes can certainly affect how cancer will develop if you have it, or will you get it at all. Canadian Health care professionals have made a ten-minute tests that can help you find out what is the likelihood that you will suffer from certain types of cancer.

The Canadian MyCancerIQ portal offers you to choose the type of malignancy which you fear – breast cancer or lung cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer. Each category needs your answers to about 20 simple questions.

The test results, according to expert’s estimates, will show what is the probability that you will develop cancer. However, it is clear that these tests are not completely reliable. But for those who fear cancer, this is one of the tools which can at least check your awareness of your own body.

Try it!

Click here to take the test -> MyCancerIQ

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