Are You Chronically Tired: This Powerful Recipe Is Just For You!

In order to prevent the toxin buildup in your bloodstream, you should perform this “blood cleansing” regularly. Retention of toxins in the blood causes us to be chronically tired, suffer from bloating and have circulatory problems.

These problems can be removed with this simple drink that you can prepare in your kitchen. All you need is some garlic and red wine. This elixir purifies the blood, removes excess fat and salt from the body and speeds up your metabolism.

recipe for tired


– 12 cloves of Garlic

– ½ Liter of Red Wine


After cleaning the garlic cloves, cut them into quarters and place them in a jar. Add half a liter of red wine and close the jar tight.

Keep it on a sunny / bright place for about two weeks. Give the jar a good shake each day so that the ingredients are mixed well.

After two weeks, strain the contents of the jar and put the liquid in a glass bottle.

Take one teaspoon three times a day for a month.


This is a powerful drink for cleaning and strengthening the blood, so after taking it for that 1 month, make sure to take a six months break before you start a new treatment.


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