CLEAN AND FRESH: 9 Phenomenal Tricks For Doing Your Laundry You Didn’t Know

Doing the laundry is a routine, but regardless of all the experience and habits you have there are little secrets and rules that can really make your job easier. If you have not already, try these tricks and see the excellent results.

laundy tricks

  1. Fats from the skin attract dirt that accumulates the most on the shirt’s collar. Before you put the shirt into the washer put some shampoo on the collar.
  2. If you’re struggling with stubborn fat deposits, soak the clothes in lukewarm water with a little detergent and let them sit overnight.
  3. To keep your clothes white or black, before washing, turn the clothes inside-out and wash it at the lowest temperature to remove the dirt.
  4. Stubborn stains such as those from coffee, ketchup or fat will get out easier if you put some shaving cream on them and let it sit for about half an hour and then wash in the washing machine.
  5. Before you put your washed clothes in the dryer or you start ironing them, make sure there is no stain left, because the high temperature will only further stick it to the fabric.
  6. If your washing machine has an unpleasant smell, add half a cup of baking soda in the detergent pan and put it on a short wash. Baking soda will remove all odors.
  7. You can wash your shower curtains in the washing machine. Wash them on the program for synthetic materials up to 40 degrees and use a common detergent.
  8. Vinegar is the best means to protect material and has the same activity as a softener. Use the flushing program, add a cup of vinegar and your clothes will remain soft. You can add vinegar for hand washing also.
  9. Insert two tennis balls in the washing machine along with towels and linen and you don’t need a fabric softener. After the washing your towels will be soft and fragrant.

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