Clean Your Cookware Of Fat Build Up Without Using Chemicals

Pans are unique cooking pots. We use them very often, and sometimes not just one, but several. No wonder that quite quickly they create a buildup of fat and grease on their bottom and sides.

The chemical methods for removal of these problems are often not so efficient, and sometimes not at all. With all the chemicals we have to be sure to work in rubber gloves, and the smell of all these household chemicals is unbearable and can cause allergy. However, there are very simple ways of removing burnt fat fast, without any chemistry.

clean pans

  1. The Easy Way To Clean The Pans From Fat:

Clean one medium-sized potato. Cut it in half and dip one half in baking soda.

Next, rub that half, as a sponge, on the bottom of the pots or pans. You need to put a little effort, and the result will be visible immediately.

It is necessary to periodically change the slices of potato, or, occasionally cut off the dirty part. Also, dip it into the baking soda more often, because the fat is in fact, being cleaned by the combination of potato juice and baking soda.

clean inside of pot

  1. 2. Use a Tea Bag To Clean The walls Of A Greasy Pot

Take a dry, unused tea bag, and just go through the inner wall of the pot that has the fat deposits. You will immediately notice that the fat dissolves, as if it is absorbed in the tea bag. 2-3 tea bags and it is “goodbye fat”. For this purpose, buy the cheapest tea in bags.

  1. Remove The Grease On The Outside Of a Pan By Cooking It In Baking Soda

Take a bigger pan than the one that needs cleaning and pour 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda and pour water. Cook the smaller pan for 30-50 minutes. Then just wipe off the fat. For this method does you do not need any physical effort, but its execution requires time. If you have time, it is the most effective way of eliminating the old grease from all pots. In this way, you can boil the juicer, forks, spoons, lids and other items.

We use the dishes to prepare food for ourselves and our children. Less chemistry is better for all of us. Be healthy.

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