My Cousin From USA Uses a Very Expensive Amazing Skin Lightening Serum, My Aunt Told Me The Recipe To Make it At Home

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Rose water
  • Pure almond oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Container

NOTE: make sure you always use pure and organic products for this serum


Here’s what you need to do – add 1 tsp of Aloe Vera gel in a clean bowl. After that, you need to add 2 ½ tsp of rose water and ½ tsp of almond oil. Now, you need to add 6 drops of lemon essential oil and mix well. Make sure you mix until you get a thick green paste. Transfer the serum into an empty container

How to use it:

Before you apply this serum, you should wash your face and pat it dry. Then, you need to apply this serum on the affected area and massage for 1 minute. You should always use this serum before you go to sleep and before you apply moisturizer on your skin. Dry your hands before you dip your fingers in the serum, to avoid contamination. For best results – use it every night. before you go to sleep.