How To Recognize Natural Cosmetics? Get The Cream You Can Eat!

If you like natural cosmetics and intend to use it, you need to pay attention the next time you are in the store. Many products that are labeled with “natural” contain only an extract of a plant, paraben and alcohol, which certainly discredits them.

Here are some practical guidelines:

A Paradise For The Skin

When purchasing products for skin care and washing you should never buy products that contain sodium, sulfate, lauryl and paraben because these products are not 100 percent natural. When selecting products for skin hygiene, give preference to natural soaps and do not buy shower gels. Natural soaps that contain shea butter, cocoa and herbal supplements such as chamomile, lavender or citrus essential oils are a paradise for the skin.

When shopping, go by the guideline that what you cannot eat is not 100% natural and you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. If the products are edible, such as almond, olive oil and wild roses, shea butter and cocoa butter, it means the cream is natural and good for your skin.


At Home

If you want to use all-natural ingredients for skin care, you can make them yourself. You can replace your ream for skin care with butter plant that will provide the best skin care. Vegetable oils such as almond, olive, coconut and wild rose oil, can completely replace all the lotions for skin care.

Put shea butter on your lips, it will be great for them and it is completely natural. A few drops of lavender essential oil can serve as a natural perfume, the smell is wonderful and inexpensive. The juice of cucumber, for example, is a natural tonic for cleansing the face, while cucumber slices are ideal for the dark circles around your eyes.

Blacklisted Products

Always avoid cosmetic products that contains methylparaben, propylparaben, methyl paraben, butyl paraben, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, phenoxyethanol, and methoxycinnamate. All those ingredients are used for the preservation of cosmetic products and can be harmful to your health. If you can not pronounce all the ingredients contained in a product, do not buy it. Herbal products contain essential oils, vegetable butters and extracts of plants, such herbal ingredients you will easily recognize.

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