The Dark Secret Of The Food Industry: After Reading This You’ll Never Eat A Ready Meal Again!

The country of origin on the declaration means little because the ingredients are often from countries overseas. One regular frozen pizza can travel through 60 countries. No preservatives? You wouldn’t know because on the declaration lists are only those used in the last step of production.
Although it looks quite natural, ready-chopped salad I kept for hours in the icy water with chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria. And is often sprayed with citric and tartaric acid to prevent oxidation of the leaves and preventing them from looking old, begins her presentation Joanna Blythman, a British journalist who investigates the past 25 years the food industry and reveals its secrets. But when it comes to ready meals, the thing is much worse.

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Food Traveled The Whole World
The aim of the success of ready-made food is that it always looks the same and it always tastes the same. And this is possible only if the chemical treatment beyond recognition. Food manufacturers therefore do not prepare raw foods “from the garden” rather than buying ready-made, frozen or dried foods. In addition, so avoid the obligation that all those chemicals that are used in the process to submit the declaration of its pizzas, spaghetti bolognese or other prepared meals. Also, these foods often travel for months from other continents, says Blythman. While buying garlic you still have a choice whether to buy Chinese or something more expensive domestic, when you buy ready-made meal, you don’t.
As with any industry, production of ready-made food breaks down into stages and cooperators are usually the cheapest bidders.
Traditional British casserole so consists of New Zealand beef, Israeli carrots, Argentinean beef bones and potatoes from Mallorca in the Balearic Islands – says Blythman. When investigated the pizza, which as a country of origin was listed Ireland, trail took her in more than 60 countries where foods are grown or prepared.

We Would Not Recognize Foods
The eggs are supplied by the various forms, except that in which we know it. They come in a powder, containing added sugar, as products of albumin (a protein from the white of the egg), frozen in liquid, crystallized… But there is always a lower priced substitutes which are made of proteins, and can stand up to 18 months. At best, manufacturers buy cylinders hard boiled eggs central part so that each slice was equal. It is ideal for sandwiches or ready-made rolls.

The situation is similar with the butter. For meals they often use much cheaper pale yellow powder generated by spraying and drying a mixture of butter, milk proteins and starch – explains Blythman.

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Anonymity As Shield

Even if the companies that sell ready-made meals are advertising, cooperators are typically hidden. These are often work places that run continuously and if there is any problem, hundreds of tons of meal can be ruined.

-fter Tesco warned that the consignment of rice moldy, had to withdraw eight different meals – explains Blythman, adding that one drive-prepared food in a day can produce 250,000 servings.

No Declaration, No Rules
Neither from prepared food the situation is no better. While according to the EU regulations, all packaged must have a list of ingredients, additives and chemical products which are prepared on the spot do not have to. But it doesn’t say that, for example, a croissant which stands frozen for weeks and was crowded with the additives may not be sold as “fresh baked”.

Source: DailyMail

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