Dates Can Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure, Prevent Heart Attacks & Strokes

Yes, dates are awesome and you should eat dates every day! Many experts around the world say that dates are one of the most popular fruits packed with an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are required for normal growth, development and overall well-being. Fresh dates compose of soft, easily digestible flesh and simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. When eaten, they replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. In this article we’re going to show you 8 good reasons why you should start eating dates every day!

  1. Dates Have High Nutritional Value

First, you should know that dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Well yes, and you should also know that dates are a good source of energy, sugar and fiber as well. Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc are found in dates.  It also contains vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K. So, you don’t need to take additional vitamins. Dates also contain high amounts of iron, which is very important for anemic patients, pregnant women and children. Just 100g of dates can contain about 0.90 mg of iron. This number equals an amazing 11% of the preferred daily intake. Iron regulates the hemoglobin levels and red blood cells levels and enables oxygen flow in the bloodstream.

  1. Prevent Diarrhea

As we mentioned before, dates are loaded with potassium which is extremely useful and beneficial stopping diarrhea. Potassium heals the intestinal flora and enables the intestines to create more beneficial bacteria.

  1. You Can Use it to Prevent Constipation

And yes, aside from treating diarrhea, dates can also help you with constipation problems as well. Here’s what you need to do – just put dates in clean water during the night and the next morning, consume the dissolved juices to enhance the bowel’s performance. This is the best natural laxative – ever made.

  1. Lose Weight

Dates are loaded with many healthy nutrients, which can help you maintain a proper body weight and help you get rid of the stubborn fat. If you want to get the best results, you should consume them on empty stomach. Since they contain no cholesterol, dates are the perfect slim down food to have at home! But, be careful – because dates are loaded with sugar, which means that you should consume them in reasonable amounts.

  1. They Improve Digestion

These sweet and amazing fruits are the perfect solution for many types of digestive problems, such as constipation, indigestion, etc. They are also extremely useful and beneficial for preventing colon cancer. Dates are loaded with insoluble and soluble fibers, as well as many beneficial amino acids which can stimulate the digestion of food and make it more efficient, meaning that more nutrients will be absorbed by the digestive tract and enter your body for proper usage.

  1. Dates as an Analgesic

Dates are loaded with magnesium, and because of that they have the ability to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Magnesium can even reduce the arterial inflammation and prevent the risk of getting heart damage, and other infections in the human body.

  1. High Blood Pressure and Stroke

Dates are a loaded with potassium, which studies have shown to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart related diseases. Furthermore, they are suggested as a healthy and delicious way to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is a major contributing factor heart attacks, heart disease, and stroke. Several different studies, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 100 mg of magnesium daily can decrease the risk of stroke by 10%.

  1. Improve the Function of the Heart

Well, dates are loaded with healthy nutrients which can improve the brain activity and promote good heart health. You may know that with proper vitamin B6 intake, you can significantly improve brain functions, including brain focus, alertness, accuracy and memory. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You and have a nice day!