Be Your Own Dentist! Here are Tricks to Remove Tartar Buildup at Home

Can I ask you something – do you know what’s tartar? Tartar, or dental calculus, is a build-up of plaque on the teeth that’s been allowed to harden. And, be careful, because when tartar is mineralized onto your teeth, it is far more difficult to remove than plaque. Tartar can make it harder to brush and floss like you should. This can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

According to the dentists, any tartar that forms above your gum line could be bad for you. Why – because the bacteria in it can irritate and damage your gums. But, don’t worry, because in this article we are going to show you some useful tips and tricks, how to remove the tartar buildup – at your home. And, before you try any of the following remedies, make sure you consult with your dentist first.

You will need a few simple ingredients: baking soda; dental pick; salt; hydrogen peroxide; water; toothbrush; cup and antiseptic mouth wash:

  • Here’s what you need to do – just mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with ½ teaspoon of salt! Mix these 2 ingredients in a cup. Then rinse the toothbrush with warm water, and dip it in the mixture. Brush your teeth and spit. The whole process should last for five minutes.
  • Here’s what you need to do – just mix a cup full with hydrogen peroxide with ½ cup of warm water! You should use this mixture to rinse your mouth for one minute, and after spitting, rinse with ½ cup of cool water.
  • Here’s what you need to do – just use a dental pick for rubbing the yellow tartar from teeth. Note: you should be very careful and don’t scrape the gums.
  • Here’s what you need to do – you can use antiseptic mouth wash every other day to rinse your mouth.

Strawberries and Tomatoes

Strawberries and tomatoes are very useful and beneficial for maintaining oral health, because are loaded with vitamin C. Note: they can be rubbed directly onto your teeth and should be left for 5 minutes. In this way the tartar will become softer. After that, you need to rinse your mouth with a mixture made from baking soda and warm water. Or, you can other foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin C, such as: bell peppers, lemons, berries, papaya, oranges and lime.


According to the experts, consuming Swiss or Cheddar cheese before meals can help in neutralizing the acids that cause tartar!

And, there are other things that you can include into your oral health routine:

  • You need to brush your teeth every day, using a soft brush and you should always make vertical movements.
  • You need to clean the space between gums and the teeth.
  • You need to use dental floss every day.
  • Your salivary glands are triggered by chili and the saliva will clean your mouth – in all natural way.
  • You can use orange peel to rub the teeth to prevent bacteria buildup! Note: make sure you do this trick before you go to sleep and don’t rinse your mouth.