She Didn’t Wash Her Hair For 31 Days: This Is What Happened To Her After The Experiment!

Italian Margaret Bador decided to carry out an experiment – what it looks like when you do not wash your hair with shampoo for 31 days!

Until then, she washed her hair almost every day since she had very greasy heair, and when it becomes dirty, she turns from light to dark. She explored this topic on the internet, and found out from other people that the worst transition period is when you scalp withdraws from chemicals. Most agreed that this period lasts two weeks.

hair experiment

“Personally, the first week was the worst” – she began the story.

“My hair got immediately greasy, but the intensity was reduced after the third day. Of course, it did not look better, it was always the same, “- she says. During the period of the experiment, Margaret did not feel ugly, but mostly had her hair tied. The last two weeks, her roommate commented that she looks like she has not washed her hair for two days.

“I tried to wash it with chamomile tea several times. The only thing that happened is that it smelled nicer, but the grease did not reduce “- Margaret admits, adding that she worried that something will happen to her scalp, but nothing happened.

Margaret was thinking and whether the ability to quit shampoo depends on the environment and the rule of thumb that beautiful hair is only clean hair. After lasting for 31 days, she decided that it was not for her, but did not immediately ran to get shampoo – she washed her hair with baking soda.

She mixed water and baking soda (ratio 3: 1) and was more than satisfied. Baking soda picked up all the grease and cleaned her hair excellently.

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