Do You Drink More Than 2 Carbonated Drinks A Day? This Is What You Are Doing To Your Body!

Scientists have conducted a study where different results showed that more than two fizzy drinks a day will increase the risk of liver diseases and also may be related with diabetes and hearth discomforts, says Daily Mail.

carb drinks

According to the results of the study which were published in the magazine Journal of Hepathology, people who drink more than one fizzy drink a day have increased risk of suffering fatty liver compared to people who don’t drink such drinks.

These drinks are full with sugar and many calories which generally transform into fats. Except that they prevent absorption of important nutritive ingredients – vitamins, minerals, fibers etc.

Except that, artificial sweeteners have more intense taste than sugar so in time your taste sensors will become blunt. Also some people have noticed more intense headaches and migraines which stopped after they switched to healthier drinks such as water.

This research was conducted on the Tufts University and more than 2600 middle aged men and women took part.

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