Do You Have Sensitive Skin And Easily Get Bruised? These Traditional Remedies Will Solve Your Problem!

To prevent ugly blue bruises it is important to react in time, and these three natural solutions can help you the fastest:

Mask made out of potatoes and honey

You need a cooked peeled potato, a little honey and plain water to make this mask. Once the potato cooks, peel and mash it. Then put a teaspoon of honey in it and mix with a little lukewarm water until you get a soft mixture. Put the prepared mask on a bruise and leave it for about 15 minutes. The procedure can be repeated.

easily bruised

Using vegetables as coverings

Some vegetables mitigate and accelerate the disappearance of bruises. Cabbage, parsley, onion and tomatoes can help you get beautiful skin. Red onion is excellent for bruises because it relieves pain. To mitigate bruisedputchopped onions in a cloth and place it on the point of impact. The same can be done with cabbage and chopped parsley. Fresh tomatoes can help too: putchopped tomatoes on the point of impact and hold for half an hour. After this natural treatment the bruises should be smaller.

Massage with vinegar and water

Mix vinegar and warm water in the ratio of 50:50 and gently rub it on the point of impact. These two ingredients stimulate circulation on the skin’s surface and the influence the accumulated blood to be absorbed or disappear faster.

Take enough vitamin C to make the bruises disappear faster.

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