Do You Really Know What’s Inside Hot Dogs? This Is The Answer!

The hot dog is the favorite food to many of us, and especially to kids. But do you really know how they are made and what they contain?

When you consume certain product, it is good to know the process how these products are made. In America yearly are consumed around 20 billions hot-dogs.


Origin of the name

Americans call them hot-dogs because they are rarely consumed alone but usually with bread, mustard and ketchup. Hot dogs are old cousins to the sausages. The word sausage originates from the Latin word “sal” which means salt and it is not strange that hot dogs are full with salt. Once salt was used in order the food to last longer.

How people like hot dogs

Americans eat more than 20 milliards hot dogs yearly. They love make barbeque and hot dogs are important part of every baseball game.

What is in hot dogs?

Hot dogs are mainly made of meat, fats from animals, flour or oats, proteins and spices. For making shapes on what hot dogs are animal intestines were used and now they are changed for packaging of collagen. However when you buy hot dogs in a package have in mind that they have something else in addition to the above ingredients. In them can be found mechanically separated meat, fructose syrup, beef broth, sodium nitrate and sodium erythorbate.

Medical reference

American association for researches claims that nitrates and nitrites which are in the hot dogs once caused cancer to the animals which were fed by them. Consuming great amounts of hot dogs, bacon and meat products such as spicy sausages because it increases the risk of colon cancer. Great amount of hot dogs is 5-6 hot dogs weekly for men and 2-3 hot dogs weekly for women.

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