Don’t know how to lose weight: get these 6 habits

Try implementing these 6 habits in your daily routine and see what happens. It just might be the ones you’re missing to start losing weight.


Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast

Skipping breakfast for an extra 10 minutes of sleep lowers your potential for losing weight. We all know how breakfast is the most important meal of the day from numerous reasons and one of them is getting your metabolism up and running.  So set that clock 10 minutes earlier and get your breakfast each morning when you wake up.


Chew your fat

Chewing gums can help you lose fat. Psychology and Behavior magazine discovers that a package of Wrigley chewing gums reduces cortisol , a stress hormone that tells your body to store fat, up to 18 percent. Also, chewing gums direct more oxygen and glucoses to your brain and increases your level of concentration.

Choose your food wise

Being on a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to starve. Fill your plate with vegetables, fiber and products filled with water so that you can stay full for longer periods.



Spices will not just speed up your metabolism, but will also keep you full longer. For example 1 gram of chili peppers is enough to give you the sensation of being full. So find a way to include some healthy spices in your meals, but of course in their limits.


Appetite magazines research shows that playing a video game while your girlfriend is out is enough to reduce the crave for fat full food for up to 24 percent. An hour of playing is enough to speed up calorie burn


Sleep is a very important tool to help you lead a healthy life. Getting at least 7 hours of healthy sleep a day will speed up the fat burn

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