I Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning for a Year (Must See What Happened)

This is an original article by Crystal Davis and her experience in an experiment she made with drinking warm honey lemon water. We bring you her story as she told it. Read it and learn from her experience!

“Before a couple of years ago I used to buy and consume honey and lemon drinks from the supermarket. I started this crazy challenge, but it didn’t help me much.

But the consumption of freshly squeezed lemon and organic honey – warm honey lemon water – is a totally different thing. I started this new experience 12 months ago because I wanted to see if it really was as amazing as trend says.

I am totally pleased of the results of this adventure, here is why.

honey and lemon

1.I have not had any gastro illness, flu or cold during the whole year

To be honest, this experience blows my mind. I was serial tonsillitis-gette in the past and I always pick up all the viruses and colds that were going around. I am sure that many of you have the same problem as me.

I had numerous signs of sickness, too many sneeze, headaches, fatigue etc. As soon as I started the regime, these unpleasant feelings and situations stopped happening. I swear to honey and lemon that this drink made a renaissance into my life.

2.I became a morning (gasp) person and I no longer need coffee.

This incredible drink energized my body like never before. It will wake you up better than tons of coffee. You will feel freshness into your life. The headaches disappeared in the first few weeks. I forgot about aspirin and other medications that I used to take before.

Simply put, I became addicted of this miraculous drink.

Her story…

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