Drink One Glass of Red Wine Before Bed and See What Happens To Your Waistline!

A research at the Harvard University studied 20.000 women in 13 years for the effects of red wine on their weight. The results are very interesting! They indicate that those who took 2 glasses of red wine a day had no issues with obesity and that red wine boosts fat burning.

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry printed a research in regards to what grapes do in the body as well as which properties make red wine stimulate weight loss. The study showed that mice were less likely to store liver fat and had lower blood sugar levels when they’re given red wine grape extract. Acids in grapes can slow down the growth of fatty cells.

glass of red wine

  • Red wine as a snack

Try drinking red wine instead of an evening snack. It’s known that a glass of red wine has fewer calories than ice cream, a piece of cake or chips. It has zero bad fats.

A woman called Linda Monk snacked on red wine and lost 6 pounds within 3 weeks. It helped her to lower sugar cravings, too and also eat less unwholesome snacks before sleeping.


  • Health benefits of red wine

Due to its high content of resveratrol, red wine has many health benefits. It’s a powerful antioxidant known to prevent tumors. Due to its ability to prevent cell damage, it can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease and protect your heart. This antioxidant is also linked to a longer life span and enhanced athletic performance.


Is there anything to worry about?

Because it’s very healthy and helps in weight loss, try not to drink a whole bottle at once. The key here is moderation. Try making a difference between replacing snacks with wine and drinking it with a snack. A glass of wine and chips results in extra calories.

You shouldn’t take red wine late at night. It will affect your sleep and you ma wake up drowsy the following day. This may not apply to you, but you know your body better, so you can decide what’s best for you.

Drinking a glass of red wine once in a while doesn’t affect your body shape.

It may actually lead to a gorgeous body!