Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes Simple Mistake in the Kitchen

This is really shocking and heartbreaking story – a family in Russia is dead because of a mistake that was made in the kitchen. Take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

Potatoes are awesome and we eat them every day! Yes, you can consume them baked, fried or you can mash them. You can eat potatoes alone, or you can mix them with other ingredients.

But, ladies and gentlemen, you should be very careful, because potatoes can make you sick and be deadly. The experts warn: potatoes that have been sitting in the home for a long time should be thrown away.

And, please read and remember Maria’s story! This is how the story goes – Maria is an 8-year-old girl who lost her family. Her family died because of a sack of rotten potatoes that had been left in the basement. Her father went to get a potato or two, but he never came back upstairs. Maria’s mother soon went to see what was keeping him, and she never came back upstairs. Maria’s brother and grandmother also went to the basement to see what happened. The grandmother had called a neighbor before she went downstairs. 

And, now you probably ask yourself – what really happened? Ladies and gentlemen, this is very important for you to understand and remember – potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound that is also found in poisonous nightshade plants. That makes potatoes naturally toxic under the right circumstances, not just when they’re ingested, but even from simply breathing in their chemicals. The concentration of these toxins increase as they rot, and they emit a dangerous, toxic gas. Exposure to this deadly compound is what killed Maria’s family.

Did we also mentioned that Maria almost died as well, when she started looking for her family? But, the good thing was that the gas had dissipated a little because her mother had left the door open. Ladies and gentlemen, you should be very careful and please share this article with your friends and family, to help raise awareness.