Every Morning, drink a Glass of This Water and the Cancer Will Disappear!

The medical experts have discovered that up to 95% of all cancers have acidic environment behind them. They’ve also found that cancers can’t survive in an alkaline environment – where the pH level is 7.36 or more. And the bad thing is that acidosis (acidity) isn’t only connected to development of cancer. Acidosis is also related with other diseases and health problems, such as: osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and almost all other chronic diseases which we suffer from nowadays.

In this article we are going to show you how to make a detoxifying alkaline water, with lemon and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. This recipe is very simple, and you just need 5 minutes from your time. Did you know that lemon has powerful pH-balancing properties? It doesn’t matter if it’s acidic in taste, lemon is powerful alkaline “tool” that regulates the pH of the body. You should also know that lemon acts as an incredible disinfectant and antibacterial. It has more than 22 anti-cancer properties, and it can help you with other health problems as well: from bad breath to cholera.

This recipe is very simple and easy to make. Just follow the simple instructions. Just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. Mix well and drink this mixture every morning, on an empty stomach. You will feel refreshed and full of energy. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you.