Top 5 Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Also known as abdominal obesity, belly fat is becoming more popular due to the current lifestyles, lack of exercise and consumption of junk foods. An excess accumulation of unhealthy fatty deposits around this area poses numerous risks to the person. A higher level of such fat deposits can cause a significant increase of fatty acid within the liver. In turn, this might lead to the reduction of insulin levels, which may eventually result in hepatic steatosis that is nothing but fat buildup inside the liver. To prevent such drastic and dangerous results, it is important to adopt an exercise routine that is effective in eliminating belly fat.

Workout routines to help in cutting down belly fat:

Vacuum pose

This is an easy exercise to get rid of belly fat by particular persons. For doing this exercise, the person must suck in his stomach bottom as much as possible. The main target of this workout is to suck the lower stomach area and not the upper region. This pose must be held for about a minute. This pose really should be repeated until the person has done this physical exercise for about five moments. Initially, the person can do this for five seconds and with the moving of time he can even increase the time to fifteen minutes.

Side plank

The target area of this exercising is the side muscles of the abdomen. For doing this, the person must lie on the right side of his body. The right hand ought to be put on the floor below the right ought toes. The right arm really should be straightened to lift the entire body up. Finally, the right arm needs to help the body, and the right foot should be on the floor. The particular person must try to raise the pelvic as far as possible. The work out must be repeated on the other side. Initially, the person can do this for sets and can increase the number of sets with the moving of days.


The plank is an isometric exercise to eliminate stomach fat in particular persons. The hands and toes of the particular person must be in a push-up position. The forearms need to lie flat on the ground. The person ought to remain in this position and really should see that the forearms and toes are touching the ground. This position must be held for some secs before releasing. This should be repeated thrice daily for best results.

Air cycling

This is an uncomplicated and easy exercise that a particular person can do to eliminate the excess fat in the abdominal region. The individual must lie on the mat and raise the legs above the ground and move them. The motion of the legs ought to be such that as if the person is riding a bicycle. This workout must be done fifteen instances in three sets.


This workout not only aids to cut belly fat but also helps in creating muscles in the calves and the lower back region. The individual must bend his knees and hips by bending the legs and by lowering his torso involving the legs. Next, the person really should stand up straight. While doing squats the person must keep in mind that the upper torso must lean in the front to maintain the balance of his body even when it is bent. Finally, when seeking to reduce your belly fat, pay attention to the diet.