Father’s Testimony: I Cured My 5 Year Old Son With Cannabis Oil

“Look at him, our Jayden is a kid again; he is cheerful, out of the house and lives normally. The attacks are occurring less and less, and of the other medications he now drinks only two,” says the father Jason.

Jayden Davidson was born seven years ago as a very ordinary and healthy child. But within four months he received his first seizure. His concerned parents immediately took him to the hospital, and their life since turned into hell.

His father Jason said that the doctors so far tried all the existing treatments and cures, and finally got around to Jayden taking more than 20 pills daily, but his condition still remained unchanged.

When the father realized that their son was the youngest person in the world to be “hooked” on tranquilizers, and no results occurred, he decided to do something about it. The boy became a plant from these tablets, the lively boy as he once was had entirely disappeared, and the parents became increasingly frustrated.

“When you see your child to be tortured, you are ready to try absolutely everything!  You are desperately grasping for anything that might be the smallest straw. People have recommended cannabis oil and my wife and I decided to try it. We could not believe it. Look at it, our Jayden again is a child, is cheerful, out of the house and live normally. the attacks are occurring less and less, and of other medications he now drinks only two, “says the father of Jason in the documentary “The Culture High” which was released this year, and looks at how and why marijuana is unjustly exiled to the other side of the law, although it is proven its significant role in the treatment of many diseases.

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