Find Out How To Get Rid Of Ovaries and Kidneys Cysts The Natural Way!

This drink helped many people to strengthen their immune system after suffering the worst diseases.

What is the secret of this magic drink?

Healing green juice from germs and leaves of spelt doesn’t contain any chemical additives, preservatives, color or sweeteners. The “secret” of this drink is in the substances from the spelt and in the first place is chlorophyll which enriches the blood with oxygen and prevents the propagation of cancer cells. Thanks to Dr. Oto Varburg who discovered this natural material and discovered their benefit he won a Nobel Prize in 1931.

This marvelous spelt juice contains more than 300 enzymes amongst which the ones very rare which exist in the human body after birth but after some time due to stress, unhealthy food and toxins they fade and only small number of them stays in the organism. However consuming this juice regenerates these substances and the organism gains strength. Spelt is rich with vitamin B17 which destroys cancer cells. It is important to stress out that this juice has an effect only if it is consumed fresh or frozen. The best thing to do is after filtering to freeze it immediately and every morning to drink it on empty stomach with one or more ice cubes mixed with water. The value of this drink loses after an hour. If you use green juice for less than a month you will feel better no matter which illness you have.


Discovery made by Dr. Vigmor

Famous spelt juice was made by Dr. An Vigmor who cured herself a half decade ago from intestines cancer thanks to this drink. She lived for 90 years and wrote many books about healthy life, fight against cancer with fresh food and a book about this marvelous herb. Nemet Macas stresses out that this green juice may be made by anybody and that there is no secret – all the magic is in the nature.

Getting rid of ovaries and kidneys cysts

Take young green leafs and make juice from them. Put the juice in container for ice cubes and freeze it. You need to have 72 cubes and use one a day.

In the morning put the cube in glass of water and wait for it to melt and then drink it.

Wheat has many minerals, vitamins, amino acids…

This juice is also good for other organs. All you need to do is wait for it to grow 15 cm.

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