Find Your Symptoms In Chinese Medicine: Sadness Provokes Lung Diseases, Anger – Liver Diseases…

According to Chinese medicine each organ represents a particular emotion. Emotions are the main reason for the emergence of the disease.

The Chinese believe that the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and metal – are present in every human body.

For good health it is important to maintain a balance between all these elements.

chin med for emotions

A hoarse voice

If your voice hoarse it’s a sign that your energy is low in the lungs.

Red eyes

Red eyes indicate the problem associated with liver.

Yellow face

Yellowing of the face indicates a lack of blood and energy in the spleen.

If a woman cannot get pregnant, it is possible to have a problem with the kidneys.

According to Chinese medicine, emotions are a major cause of disease each organ is associated with an emotion.

– Lungs – Sadness

– Liver – Bes

– Kidneys – Fear

– Stomach – Care

Also, each body has its own taste. So let’s say lung like spices and spicy, the liver needs sour, the spleen sweet, and the kidneys salty. Chinese doctors claim that the organs have their own way of energy.

This energy is called “qi” and depends on the blood. Chinese doctors say that the blood is the mother of energy and blood controls the energy.

Kidneys – The Central Organ In The Body

According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are important organs and represent the basis of yin and yang as the energy center of the body. They are linked to the skeleton, hearing and fear.

Treatment failure affects all body systems. In Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with weather conditions, which means that each season corresponds to certain organs.

Wind lives in the liver. Therefore, it can sometimes cause headaches and dizziness.

One of the most important functions of the liver is to facilitate the circulation of energy, fresh and clear mind through the body. People with a healthy liver are quiet, easy to make decisions and are good leaders. If that the problem is in the liver it is considered to be “turned on”. It is the Chinese term for defining problems with the function of the liver. Liver problems directly affect the physical and emotional state.

In Chinese medicine it is considered that this disharmony is associated with anger, obstinacy and violence. If the problems do not manifest themselves in the form of emotions, they cannot be solved. Then are occurring depression and mood disorders.

The most common symptoms of this syndrome include fatigue, menstrual problems, stress and allergies.

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