Fingers Can Reveal Your Health – Prevent Certain Diseases With The Su-Jok Therapy

Our body is a complex system and it has a lot of signs and symptoms that it uses to show us when something is wrong and needs attention. And different medicines interpret different symptoms for preventing diseases.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is our palm and fingers that can direct us to certain diseases and warn us on time. It has been a holistic approach to health and body since ancient times.

 su jok

We can notice the smell of sweat, urine, feces and gases we release and we can conclude that our body is overloaded with toxins. Each of us has a natural ability to listen to their body and come to some conclusions.

It is natural for every human being to sense and feel these things.

And we can always use the alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment that do not require much knowledge in order for us to start with the application. Su Jok (Su Jok – Korean: fist, foot) acupressure is such an example.

It is very similar to traditional Chinese acupuncture or Ayurvedic medicine. This method is based on learning about energy’s meridians, which are associated with our bodies.


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