Follow This Amazing Weight Loss Program for Women and Drop 3 Sizes in 7 Days

This weight loss diet and fitness program is designed especially for the female body. The Venus Factor was quickly accepted by women in the whole world. And all that happened for one good reason. The “designers” of this weight loss program claim that the Venus factor is considering the women’s physique and metabolism in order to reduce their weight faster. If you haven’t seen or heard about this program, we suggest watching this video first, so you can check out the latest and effective fat burning tips designed especially for the women’s body.


The Venus Factor: Exclusive Weight Loss Program for Women

A lot of women in the world aren’t happy with the way they look. According to the latest research, 91% of the women over the age of 18 are not happy with the look of their body. A lot of women can notice a big difference in their body, especially after getting a few kids. They get extra weight during the pregnancy; some of them can’t lose all the baby weight, and even gain a few extra pounds. They’ve probably tried different diet and weight losing programs, but didn’t get any noticeable results.

You have probably felt that bad feeling sometimes, that some of these diets and workout routines don’t seem to understand your organism and they are not giving the results you want. Even though you are a normal woman, and you have tried a lot of different workout routines and diet programs – but none of them seems to work for your organism. Maybe they are designed for men, not for the female organism.

The male and the female body structures are different. They are unique designs in each way. The female bodies are capable of giving birth to babies and raise them. They female bodies also store more fat in the mid section, hips, thighs and backsides, to keep them and their babies healthy in times of hunger.

Program Components

The Venus Factor System is made of 4 components:

  1. First is the main manual, which is a PDF file. It can be printed or read on any type of device. It has the complete explanation of the science behind the program and thoroughly instructions for following the diet and workout guidelines.
  2. 12 week customized program or so called the Exercise Plan. You can do this program at your home or in a gym. Also, a set of videos is included, so you can watch how to perform every single one of the recommended exercises.
  3. In the set is also included a software application that will create a customized nutrition regimen based on the personal information, which will be provided by you. This software application is called the Virtual Nutritionist.
  4. You can connect to the Online Forum to ask specific questions about your diet, program, as other users about specific tips to improve yourself, share your own experiences with the other online forum users. The users on this Online Forum can create and share podcasts and blog about their experience with the other users and make friends.


Pros and Cons

This workout program might be the right choice for some women, but for others might not be the answer they were looking for. The Venus Factor program is definitely a good choice, but it also has its own strengths and weakness, and they are:


  • One of the best things about the Venus Factor program is that it’s so easy to follow. You can watch all the exercises on the videos, which are included in the set. Also, it has customized meal plan with healthy meals that are so easy to make, and they even taste great. Even if someone is a beginner in this type of field – workout and nutrition, you won’t have any problems with getting started with this perfect losing weight program.
  • Other good thing about the Venus Factor program is that you don’t need to go to the gym or own any type of gym equipment at your home to do these exercises. These workout routines can be done home, with only minimal equipment requirements.
  • The last thing worth mentioning for the Venus Factor diet program is that the person who uses this diet doesn’t have to count calories. They should focus on eating clean, whole foods, but in reasonable amounts. This makes this diet eve easier to go with every day and it even creates good habit in women when they buy food, to make a good choice, even though they are not trying to lose weight.


The Venus Factor diet program is not recommended for women who just want to lose a few pounds. That’s the only real weakness of this diet program. The ideal female body, for most women, is losing fat in some critical areas and adds some muscle instead.


This weight loss program is a specially designed routine that helps women to get their desired eye-catching body. The Venus Factor program is highly recommended to any woman who is serious about working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, if your goal is to build a stunning body with curves in all the right places, this is the right diet program for you.

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